About the Artist

Please use the form to the right to mail me...

If you wanted or needed to mail me, I am sorry. I have had to remove the mail form from my site. However you may contact me at sune(at)

I have had to remove the mail form as a consequence of the attemps of a few untalented, uninspired and irresponsible hackers with no respect for others and others' property including intellectual property. I speak here about the fucking imbeciles who have tried to take over the mail form so that they can spam the world. It no more than a handful of impotent idiots, but they have tried so for many months though still unsuccesfully.

Yet they annoy me terribly. I receive every mail they send from the now non-existing mail form. The number I received daily amounted to anywhere between five and twenty-five.

The problem is that these hackers are so incredibly stupid that they have yet to find out that they cannot use their technique to gain control over my script. Though they try by writing small, clever scripts in the subject line, all they succeed in is spamming me. And that is what I am so fucking tired of now.

I am sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you. But this is the only way I can think of to stop it.

You may want to help all of us affected by these Oedipus'es. I don't know how, but we could simply ask them to stop. Mail them at and There are others but I have deleted their mail adresses. Write me if you know of other hackers who belong on this list.

Sune Jørgensen