About the Artist 
About the Artist
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Me in London during my time as an exchange student in 1999. My at that time girlfriend and presently wife took this.

Dear Visitor,

Sune Jørgensen, 1974 - , was born just north of Copenhagen. Both of his parents have masters degrees in English and Danish from the University of Copenhagen, and both teaches/taught at secondary school levels.

When, in January 1986, it was discovered that Sune suffers from diabetes and was hospitalised, it was Sune's father who introduced Sune to the fine art of black & white photography. At that time, Sune's father had for several years been experimenting with that particular art. With his experience, Sune's father was able to teach Sune quite a few tricks. For this reason, Sune always lets his father receive any credits Sune gains for his photographs. While the father likes to emphasize his gifts as a photographer, every new face turning up in the house is shown all the photos hanging on the walls with the message that "unfortunately, the good ones are my son's".

One of Sune's uncountable dreams has always been to make an exhibition with his photos. If you can help this wish come true, please send a mail.

Much of Sune's past is actually told on these few pages. He has, himself, written the few and short commentaries to the various galleries throughout this site as well as the welcome.

What is not told is his current occupation. At the moment he is unfortunately unemployed. Having handed in his thesis on the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, he graduated in June 2003. Download
The thesis Dichotomies Reconciled or the Synopsis.

If you speak Danish - and know your medicine - you can see and perchance use some of his wife's notes, you'll find them here.

October, 2003.